About Us


Dieusel Berto former UFC fighter and developer of the Tiger Vascular boxing for fitness program! Brings Tiger Vascular and the Tiger World 12 week challenge to Tampa!

Tiger Vascular Boxing Fitness is a high-energy class that is never boring! You will develop strength, speed, stamina, lean muscle, self-confidence, and learn practical self-defense techniques along the way!

The Tigers World 12 week Challenge provides cardio and weight training, muscle toning, improves flexibility, builds endurance and stamina, and instill self-discipline and self-confidence!

In addition, we will have classes which incorporate mix martial arts techniques and cardio training! Learn to punch, elbow and kick like MMA fighter without the contact!

Join us today! Inspire others by sharing your enthusiasm and commitment to building a stronger and healthier community – one body and one attitude at a time!

Dieuseul Berto