About Us


Dieusel Berto former UFC fighter and developer of the Tiger Vascular boxing for fitness program! Brings Tiger Vascular and the Tiger World 12 week challenge to Tampa!

Tiger Vascular Boxing Fitness is a high-energy class that is never boring! You will develop strength, speed, stamina, lean muscle, self-confidence, and learn practical self-defense techniques along the way!

The Tigers World 12 week Challenge provides cardio and weight training, muscle toning, improves flexibility, builds endurance and stamina, and instill self-discipline and self-confidence!

In addition, we will have classes which incorporate mix martial arts techniques and cardio training! Learn to punch, elbow and kick like MMA fighter without the contact!

Join us today! Inspire others by sharing your enthusiasm and commitment to building a stronger and healthier community – one body and one attitude at a time!

Dieuseul Berto

Our trainers:

Dieuseul “Tiger” Berto

Former Pride fighter, master instructor, personal trainer, and co-owner of Tigers World Tampa. Master Berto knows what it is to be faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Ask anyone who knows this man and they will tell you that “Berto” meets challenge with awe inspiring strength and spirit. His strength and spirit are felt by all those around him and people instinctively want at least a piece of what he has; he’s glad to give it – with gusto – if you’re willing to take it.

Master Berto has developed the Tiger Vascular Boxing program in to a fast paced, energetic, body strengthening, weight loss program which incorporates boxing techniques. Get in shape, lose weight, have fun and learn proper boxing techniques.

Ask someone why they go to Tigers World, you will get answers like: “it’s great stress relief” ”it’s great fun” “it’s like a dance party” “it’s boot camp, but in a good way” “it’s a family” “it’s the best kick-butt work-out”… Master Berto, his trainers, his family and his programs are the real thing; they provide a heart-to-heart, baptism-by-sweat work-out, and the most fun you will have getting fit.

Geane Carlos “La Pulga” Herrera!

Trained in Jiu Jitsu and MMA under Bill Banks owner Banks Jiu Jitsu, Geane is a professional MMA fighter with an undefeated pro record, and holder of the Florida State Bantamweight championship! Geane nickname “La Pulga” ( the flea), describes an energetic and fast moving competitor!

Dieuhomme “JLee” Chera!

Trained by Tiger Vascular creator and former UFC fighter, Master Dieuseul Berto, JLee will keep you moving! In addition to instructing tiger vascular and adult cardio classes, JLee has assisted in training MMA fighters. JLee is also a professional MMA fighter, and has had several profession fights with RFC, one of Florida’s best professional MMA organizations. JLee is currently training for future coming fights.

Noemi “la rebelde”Bosques

Noemi is a professional boxer who is transitioning into the world of MMA. Noemi is currently training under Ralph Garcia owner of World Class Martial Arts. Noemi believes that women strive to be perfectionist and are most dedicated, and when women have a goal they will kill to reach it!